Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Alpharetta

An Alpharetta employer’s insurance company may deny an injured worker’s initial workers’ compensation claim in order to keep costs low, and in such cases, injured employees have various opportunities to appeal the denial. As a result, the process of applying for workers’ compensation in Alpharetta often involves several stages.

Because the process can be confusing and frustrating, workers often choose to seek assistance from an attorney in Alpharetta either before filing a claim or during the appeals process. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer could help ensure that your claim is backed with the strongest possible evidence at each stage of the proceedings, ideally increasing the likelihood of a quick and successful outcome.

Overview of the Workers’ Comp System for Alpharetta Employees

Most employees in Alpharetta are covered by workers’ compensation insurance provided by their employers. Georgia’s workers’ compensation scheme was enacted to simplify the process of obtaining relief when an employee is injured at work. Instead of needing to prove liability in a lengthy lawsuit, workers are supposed to be able to receive coverage for medical needs and compensation for a portion of their lost wages without needing to demonstrate any fault on the part of the employer.

The fact that an employee suffers an injury at work or contracts an illness due to work-related conditions should be sufficient to obtain benefits. However, in many cases, injured employees find their claims denied and must undertake a series of appeals to obtain relief. This is why it may be best to obtain a lawyer right away when applying for workers’ compensation in Alpharetta.

Process of Filing an Initial Workers’ Compensation Claim

After suffering an injury on the job, an injured employee should apply for workers’ compensation benefits by completing form WC-14 from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This form should be filed with the Board and copies should be provided to their employer and the company that provides workers’ compensation insurance to that employer. If an employee cannot determine which company provides that insurance, they can call the Coverage Desk at the State Board to find out.

The injured employee should also receive a medical examination from a doctor approved by the employer. After that, the workers’ compensation insurance provider would conduct an investigation to determine whether it believes benefits are warranted. Unfortunately, very often in Alpharetta, the insurer denies the claim.

Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Denial

If an application for workers’ compensation benefits is denied, the applicant may request to have an administrative law judge review the information in a formal hearing. It is important to ensure that all supporting medical evidence is properly presented at the hearing and that appropriate legal procedures are followed.

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation typically advises applicants to obtain professional legal representation, although such representation is not required by law. Regardless of what an applicant chooses to do, the insurer and employer will almost certainly be represented by attorneys.

If, after reviewing the legal arguments and evidence presented, the judge renders an unfavorable ruling, the applicant has 20 days in which to file an appeal with the Appellate Division of the State Board. These appeals are usually conducted through written legal briefs without oral argument.

Get Assistance With Applying for Worker’s Compensation in Alpharetta

The correct presentation of evidence can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. However, the opportunities to present evidence are limited. Experienced legal guidance can make the process go more smoothly and may increase the chance for obtaining benefits as quickly as possible.

At the appellate level, decisions are based on legal arguments and the facts are accepted as they were established at the hearing. To help ensure that the best possible evidence is documented and presented persuasively, those applying for workers’ compensation in Alpharetta frequently receive assistance from a workers’ compensation attorney. Call today to see how our team may be able to help you.

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