Common Conditions of Workers’ Compensation in Alpharetta

Workers’ compensation can provide needed benefits for Alpharetta employees who suffer injuries on the job, but the process of applying for benefits can be frustrating. To that end, it may help you to understand some of the common conditions of workers’ compensation in Alpharetta.

There are certain steps necessary to achieve a successful claim, and it is important to follow procedures properly. Very often, workers elect to consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer for help with the process to ensure that conditions are fulfilled in a manner calculated to lead to success.

Workers’ Comp Provides Benefits for Many Debilitating Conditions

The workers’ compensation system requires most employers in Alpharetta to obtain workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect their employees. This insurance is intended to pay the medical expenses of employees injured in the scope of their employment, even if the injury is not due to the employer’s negligence. Workers’ compensation insurance also pays income benefits to make up for wages lost while an employee is unable to work due to injury or illness caused by work conditions.

Examples of the types of conditions or injuries for which employees may receive benefits include:

  • Hearing loss suffered due to loud machinery
  • Impaired use of a hand due to an accident in the workplace
  • Loss of mobility due to hip injuries suffered in a fall from a defective chair
  • Skin conditions caused by exposure to chemicals
  • Sprained back caused by lifting heavy boxes
  • Head injuries suffered when struck by a falling object
  • Multiple broken bones from a vehicle accident while driving a car, truck, or piece of equipment
  • Lung disease developed due to long-term exposure to substance such as grain dust, latex, or animal dander

An employee may be entitled to benefits for injuries caused by a sudden event such as an accident or by repeated long-term exposure or repetitive motions. The important common factor is that conditions at work caused the injury or illness and not activities undertaken by the employee outside of employment.

If an injury aggravates a pre-existing medical condition, the existence of that pre-existing condition does not prevent an applicant from receiving benefits. However, according to Official Code of Georgia §34-9-1(4), aggravation of that condition must arise from the course of employment and must constitute the cause of the disability in order to provide justification for workers’ compensation benefits.

Factors That May Affect the Success of a Claim

In order for an injured worker to receive benefits, a number of preconditions must be met. First, the injury must be properly reported to the employer. In general, it is best to report an incident in writing as soon as possible after the injury occurs.

Additionally, the injured employer must file the proper claim forms not only with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, but also with the employer and the workers’ compensation insurance provider. It is also extremely important for an injured employee to receive prompt and thorough medical care, follow doctor’s instructions, and obtain records and other evidence to prove the disability. Lack of sufficient evidence often provides grounds for denial of a claim.

Getting More Information About Conditions of Workers’ Compensation in Alpharetta

While employees who have their workers’ compensation claims denied may appeal the decision, the opportunities for appeal are limited. So, it is advisable to submit information that is as complete as possible, in the correct format, and worded in a persuasive manner in the original application.

A workers’ compensation lawyer with experience evaluating and handling claims may be able to answer questions regarding a potential application, as well as provide additional information regarding common conditions of workers’ compensation in Alpharetta. Call today to set up a consultation and get started on your case.

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