Georgia Residents Face Obstacles in Workers’ Compensation Cases

When a person is injured at his or her workplace, they rely on Workers’ Compensation to provide a safety net for them and their family. For many, seeking these benefits can become a long and challenging process. Denials and delays from insurance companies can wear down potential recipients, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to properly proceed with their claim.

It is not uncommon for Workers’ Comp insurers to routinely deny claims in hopes that individuals will not appeal. Unfortunately, Georgians are beginning to know this practice all too well. A recent WSB-TV News investigation highlighted the frustrations of several Georgia residents who have had repeated problems obtaining Workers’ Comp. The investigation also included results from a study conducted by The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI). The study revealed 18% of Georgians who were injured at work and, as a result, lost a week’s worth of wages, experienced problems in obtaining the medical care their primary health provider wanted. That is nearly 1/5 of all Workers’ Comp cases, which may explain why Georgians hurt on the job had some of the lowest “return to work” rates than other states. For those profiled on the WSB-TV investigation, years of back-and-forth with insurance companies have delayed their benefits and medical care.

While no one wants or expects to get hurt on the job, accidents do happen, and the stalling tactics of some insurance companies can compound an already stressful situation. Delays in getting authorization from your company’s insurance provider can also result in a delay of treatment for your injuries. Hiring a competent attorney with experience in Workers’ Compensation Law can be your one of your best opportunities to receive a fair settlement.

The Khaki Law Firm can save you precious time and headaches during an unsettling period. Our team of legal professionals have more than two decades of collective experience in the field of Workers’ Compensation. We also understand how the insurance companies operate, and how to help you obtain the benefits you need in this difficult time. The Khaki Law Firm offers a free consultation and case review to assess your unique situation. It is also a great way for you to get to know us. We want our clients to fully understand their legal rights as well as how to best move forward with your claim. Call us at (678) 228-8688 or fill out our Contact Page for information and directions to any of our law firm locations in Alpharetta, Atlanta (Buckhead) and Marietta, Georgia.

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