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Employees in Buckhead have money taken out of their paychecks every pay period for FICA taxes. While a portion of this deduction goes to support Social Security retirement benefits, some of it also supports the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program.

SSDI provides long term disability insurance to workers who become unable to continue employment due to a disabling illness or condition. Demonstrating that you qualify for SSDI can be complicated, so it may be advisable to work with an experienced Buckhead SSDI lawyer if you need to file an initial claim or if your application for benefits has been denied. Let our team of dedicated attorneys help you.

Understanding the SSDI Program

The Social Security Administration (SSA) manages the SSDI program, and only those who pay the premiums are eligible to apply for benefits when they experience a disability. However, if a disabled employee does qualify to receive benefits, the SSA may also provide benefits to their family members.

The amount of benefits a disabled worker may receive depends on what percentage of their income goes to SSDI. A Buckhead SSDI attorney can help determine whether a disabled worker meets the eligibility requirements as well as the approximate amount of benefits available to them and their family.

Work Requirements

To be eligible for SSDI benefits, a worker must acquire a certain number of work “credits” over several years. The amount of work credits an employee needs to qualify for SSDI varies depending on their age at the time of the disability.

For example, a worker who suffers a disability at the age of 58 would need 36 work credits to qualify, which is approximately nine years of full-time employment. Meanwhile, an employee who becomes disabled at age 27 would need only 12 work credits, or three years of employment, to be eligible for benefits from the SSA.

Furthermore, employees who have not worked much in the years preceding their disability may not qualify for benefits. The SSA imposes recency requirements that make it imperative for an eligible employee to have worked within a relevant period, which is also determined by their age at the onset of disability.

For instance, if a worker needs 40 credits to qualify for benefits, at least 20 of those credits – or five years of work – must have been earned in the past ten years. The recency requirement is designed to deter those who want to avoid working from taking advantage of SSDI.

Disability Requirements

The most challenging aspect of applying for SSDI benefits is usually demonstrating that an applicant meets the disability requirements. Unlike workers’ compensation programs, SSDI only pays benefits to employees who suffer long-term, total disabilities.

The SSA will request detailed evidence of a worker’s condition and whether it makes them unable to perform employment duties. Moreover, a qualifying condition must be expected to last for at least a year or to result in death.

Often, the SSA will deny a worker’s application for lack of adequate evidence to demonstrate their eligibility. Ideally, evidence should be presented at the time of an initial application, but a claimant may submit additional documentation during an appeal. A skilled SSDI hearings claim advocate in Buckhead who is familiar with agency requirements could help an applicant present sufficient evidence to support their claim for benefits.

Consult an SSDI Attorney Today

The Social Security Administration has developed a complex set of standards for evaluating the sizeable quantity of applications they receive. Failure to fulfill one technical requirement could result in a denial of benefits, even if an applicant’s condition qualifies.

For assistance with determining your eligibility for SSDI or if you have been denied benefits, consult a seasoned social security disability law firm in Buckhead. Let an accomplished Buckhead SSDI lawyer help you.

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