Testimonials From Our Very Own Clients

We have the best affirmation any disability law firm can ask for, the testimonials of our clients.
Each client we help reaffirms our belief in what we do.

Miss Sarah khaki and her staff were exceptionally wonderful in getting me through the social security process. They were always calling me to check on me and give me updates concerning my case. Also sending letters on the regular in support of my needs offering all the services that I would probably need while I wait for my hearing. while I was going through they were comforting in my times of struggle. “Sarah” very hard-working very honest. one of the best attorneys I can truly say I have ever worked with or have ever worked with me before I truly appreciate everything. I appreciate her staff being so courteous at all times and helpful I would highly recommend Sarah khaki Law FIRM to anyone as a matter of fact I have already referred several people to her to help them get through their social security struggles. I am very grateful to have had Sarah khaki and her entire team Patrice as well as the rest of the Sarah khaki family on my side couldn’t have asked for a better teem. It is very refreshing to not have to chase your attorney down to find out the status of your case I’ve had to go through that before and I think it’s awful and despicable when your own attorney Dodge You. The Sarah khaki Law FIRM and family is the complete opposite I would highly recommend them to anyone that is in need of Social Security representation.


This is a professional law firm. They did what they said they would do. Asa kept me informed,answered my questions without delay. She is a 14 of of 10. I let go and let the Khaki office do the great work they assured me they could do. It is rare to find a firm who is committed to doing the job right and in a timely fashion. Thanks again, I could not have done it on my own. 


From the very first consultation, I felt that I had made the right decision in hiring Sara Khaki. Throughout the process, her team members were in constant contact with me regarding any updates on my disability case. Or, if I reached out to any particular team member and could not get them, I would receive a call back in a timely manner. I appreciate their professionalism and care.


This experience has taught me a lot. I understand more about the processes and what others have gone through. My personal experience has been great. I did struggle at points but they were there for me with encouragement and patience. It made the experience so much easier. They were always there answering questions and giving me and, my family as well, what we needed to get through a, sometimes, exhausting time.  


I want to thank all at the Khaki Law Firm for helping me with my disability case. They were kind and kept in touch and answered all of my questions, I received my Disability in 6 months! Life is tough when you have to file for SSDI; however, they made this easy for me. I thank you all at the Khaki Law Firm.


Mrs. Khaki and her team provided me first class service as my legal representation for SSDI benefits. They were very knowledgeable of my illness and were extremely considerate in dealing with me and my mental limitations. I can state unequivocally that I would haven’t won a favorable decision without Mrs. Khaki’s expertise.  I highly recommend Sara Khaki.  

CMSgt (Ret) Rodney G.

The adjective “professional ” describe most attorneys- dealing with many professional attorneys over the past 5 years, Sara is head an shoulders above the rest and an excellent attorney. What separates this firm from the rest is I felt the staff cared. Sara aided me with a similar case. Nothing but good things to say.

Marion J.

Sara always spent more time understanding the problem and willing to help out. Working thru the dynamics of my case was not easy but given Sara and her staff we were able to determine the best way to solve my situation. This saved my a lot of money in the long run.


From the first day I contacted Sara Khaki of the Khaki Law Firm, LLC I knew I was in good hands. It was clear that they understood the complex process of social security disability that I tried to tackle on my own. Ms. Sara Khaki and her team of professionals dug in to my case immediately. I was informed every step of the way through my process of redress. When I had questions there was always someone available to answer them. A professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating team that made me feel that my case was a priority. I would highly recommend the Khaki Law Firm for anyone that may need help getting through the Social Security Disability process. Awesome experience.

Brian W.

Let me begin by saying that Sara is FANTASTIC! Before I met Sara I contacted a well known attorney who claims by way of t.v. that he wants to “help people of all ages” get the benefits they deserve. I’m 36 with a horrible back problem, anxiety, and also fighting depression. He told me during the consultation that he couldn’t go before a judge & say that I couldn’t sit, stand, or walk for any lenght of time.(He would have been telling the truth by the way). Although he did tell me he’d be willing to try & help if I was 50 or over. I had already been turned down by SSA more than once & then turned down by a lawyer. I lost all hope. Then Sara steps in. She did so much research on my health I felt she knew more about me than I did! She could even tell me what the SSA dr’s wrote about my visit with them without consulting notes. (She did read them to me so I would know what they wrote, word-for-word) Sara is not 1 of those who only take on a sure win. She’s there to help people who REALLY need it. Within minutes of talking with Sara you’ll know you’ve done yourself a favor by selecting her! My family is eternally greatfull for everything she’s done. She’s got a passion for what she does & that’s worth so much when you honestly cannot work. SARA WON MY CASE!! I tell her THANK YOU each time I speak with her, as I can’t seem to say it enough. So, when you need an honest, straight forward, & compassionate lawyer who will help you regain hope, call Sara!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT…

Shannon A.

I would like to command Sara Khaki and her team for an excellent job well done!!! I was deeply impressed by their high efficiency and impeccable response time. Sara and her team made me feel like I was family and they were genuinely concerned about my will being. Without any doubt I would recommend Sara Khaki and her team to anyone who is having problems with the Social Security office. Her diligence to get the job done is almost unheard of in this day and time, but Sara Khaki is tenacious and is equiped with an excellent set of skills that place her at the pinnacle of her occupation!!! The bottom line is that the Khaki firm will get the job done!!!

Darryl N.

Sara Khaki represented me in a Social Security Disability case and did an outstanding job! Not only was she highly professional, confident, and gave expert advice, she really seemed to care about me as a client and a person.  I highly recommend Sara to anyone who is looking for a confident, knowledgeable attorney, who truly understands their situation, is compassionate towards the needs of their client, and understands the law as it applies to their case.  Choosing Sara Khaki to represent me was the absolute best decision I could have made.

Fred W.

Thank you so much Patrice, Sarah and team for guiding us through this difficult process. Could not have done it without you. We feel blessed to know such a great group to get us through the process and you are highly recommended by us, you won’t go wrong with Sara and her team. Thank you soooo much!

Nina B.

These folks are not your typical Attorney Law Firm. They are honest and they do what they tell you they’re going to do.. I would recommend them to anyone. I chose them because of their interest in helping Veterans. They did not disappoint me in anyway. I am so very grateful that I had them represent me.

Dennis G.

From my first meeting with Sara, I felt sense of caring and compassion. Through out my case, I was highly impressed with her knowledge and dedication. Her responsiveness to my inquiries and correspondences were impressive. She made the entire process a pleasant, effective and positive experience which I always will appreciate and remember.

Ali A.

Very professional and helpful and understanding of your needs right there when you need her very impressed with how she calls you back and emails you back .Great disability attorney.

Marlene C.

Sara has delved into our case as if she were a family member that honestly cared about our family. She has routinely checked in on the health of her client (my husband) and stays up to date on the status of our case. Having her on our side has given us hope.

Jennifer D.

We are very happy to work with the Khaki Law firm, the firm provides excellent service, always prompt to response to our emails. Sara has been very helpful in assisting us to resolve issues. We appreciate all that Sara Khaki and her staff did for us. We would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking for a great trustworthy lawyer.

Gina D.

I was extremely satisfied with the work Sara did for me. Her staff was on top of things and there was never a time when I didn’t get an answer to one of my questions. I really felt like Sara cared and genuinely wanted me to be taken care of. I will recommend her to everyone I meet who needs her skill set.

James L.

Sara is working on a case for my daughter. She is very friendly, efficient, and fast. She makes you feel comfortable and wants you to get what is entitled to you. Thanks Sara!

Kelly S.

Sara Khaki is currently working on a friend of mine’s case. She is in the tenth month on the case. She has always responded in a timely manner with the answer to questions and has kept us informed on the status of the case and what the timeframe should be for the rest of the case. It is nice to work with someone knowledgeable and accessible.

James R.

Still working with her and have been very pleased with her attentiveness, professionalism and willingness to work on my behalf with Social Security.

Sandra S.

Khaki law firm kept me in the loop with updates and what to expect with my case, I was very happy with the level of service and professionalism. Thanks to the khaki team.

Harry L.

I know Sara focuses on more than just veterans, but since I’m a vet, that’s what I know. Sara has always been exceptionally professional, and has consistently gone out of her way to make my life (and my wife’s!) so much easier. She’s genuinely a nice person, which is a rare find. So, in short, honest, on point, and effective.

Michael Z.

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