Mistakes to Avoid When Making an Alpharetta Worker’s Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation could pay different types of benefits to cover medical expenses and income lost or reduced due to the injury. If the circumstances warrant, workers’ compensation may also pay benefits to compensate for the permanent effects of an accident and vocational training for a different type of work. Neither of these sources of benefits may be available if an applicant does not correctly file for and pursue them.

If you were injured on the job and would like to file a workers’ compensation claim to aid in your recovery, you could consult an Alpharetta workers’ compensation lawyer. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney may know what mistakes to avoid when making an Alpharetta worker’s compensation claim and could give you the best chance of obtaining the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

Initial Errors a Person Could Make

One of the most common and most damaging mistakes claimants in Alpharetta could avoid while making a worker’s compensation claim is failing to report the injury to their employer as soon as possible. In some cases, this delay in reporting may be due to fear of retaliation or even embarrassment. A delay might make a claim appear dubious and potentially provide grounds for an insurance company to deny the claim.

Employees may also make mistakes in filing their initial claim or in filing Form WC-14 “Notice of Claim.” Employees may be recommended to provide copies to their employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. If a claim is disputed, an attorney could a person appeal a worker’s compensation decision.

Potential Issues with Medical Treatments

Another common mistake in workers’ compensation claims involves medical examinations and instructions. It could be important to receive thorough medical exams including necessary tests. In many cases, if a doctor recommended by the employer refuses to order a particular test or recognize a disability, it may be worthwhile to seek a second opinion from another medical professional.

It may also be vitally important for injured employees seeking benefits to follow their doctor’s instructions. Failure to follow instructions or attend follow-up visits could provide grounds for denial of a claim. Every injured employee may need be advised to ensure that their doctor provides reports with the right documentation to support a disability claim.

Why a Person May Be Advised Not to Return to Work too Early

Employees may be urged to return to work too early after an injury, or they may go to the opposite extreme and refuse to return to work for fear of jeopardizing their claim. If a doctor reports that an employee is not yet ready to return to work, the injured worker is advised to follow that doctor’s orders.

If the doctor clears the employee for a return to work, the employee’s claim might not be harmed by following this directive. It may be necessary to temporarily work decreased hours or perform different duties. An attorney could help a person avoid making such mistakes while seeking worker’s compensation claims in Alpharetta.

Problems that May Arise After a Decision on a Claim

Employees who receive an initial decision on their worker’s compensation claim could make mistakes when it comes to acceptance of the decision. If a claim is disputed, it might make sense to appeal the decision by requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge.

When an employee is awarded benefits, they could evaluate those benefits to ensure they are receiving the full amount to which they are entitled. This may include payments such as permanent partial disability benefits and any vocational benefits.

How an Alpharetta Worker’s Compensation Attorney Could Help

Workers’ compensation is complex and may be very confusing to those not used to working with the scheme on a regular basis. Many applicants seeking worker’s compensation benefits seek guidance from an attorney familiar with workers’ compensation claims.

An experienced lawyer who knows the mistakes to avoid when making an Alpharetta worker’s compensation claim could help ensure you follow proper procedures, obtain the best documentation of your disabilities, and claim the full benefits to which you may be entitled. They could also advocate on your behalf and evaluate any settlement offers to determine whether they provide compensation necessary to handle the future consequences of your injury.

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