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Workers’ Compensation FAQs: An Introduction to Workers’ Compensation Law in Georgia

In The Khaki Law Firm’s newest blog series, we are answering the questions we frequently receive about Workers’ Compensation Law in Georgia. More specifically, what exactly is workers compensation, when should you file a claim, and how The Khaki Law Firm can take the burden of the claims process of your shoulders.

1. What is Workers’ Compensation? It is an accident insurance program that an employer pays on behalf of his or her employees. If an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job, workers compensation may provide that employee with medical, rehabilitation, and/or income benefits. This program is designed to support injured employees and enable them to return to work.

2. Does My Employer Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance? How Do I Know? Under Georgia Law, any business with three or more employees (regular part-time or full-time) is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. You can also verify coverage by visiting

3. When Does My Workers’ Compensation Coverage Start? As long as your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, you as an employee are covered beginning with your first day at the job.

4. I Was Injured In An Accident At Work. When Should I Report It? If you were injured in a work-related accident, you should report it to your employer immediately. If you wait more than 30 days to report it, your workers’ compensation benefits could be at risk.

5. I Reported My Work Accident To My Boss, But I Haven’t Received My Workers’ Compensation Benefits. What Do I Do Now? Your next step is likely to file a claim form with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. That form, WC-14, is available at You must file this claim within one year from when the work-related accident happened.

If you were injured or became sick at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, many employers and insurance companies routinely deny workers’ compensation claims, leaving employees to face a complex legal system of hearings and appeals on their own.

Stay tuned for our next Workers’ Compensation FAQs blog, in which we will further discuss the claims process, and when it is a good time to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.

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